I Was Wrong

by Ryan Smythe

I was wrong. I was wrong to be an ass about MLQ West. I was wrong to ignore the region that raised me. I was wrong to neglect mentioning how impressed I am by MLQ as a whole.

We have a league that is so efficient and impressive that the fantasy tournaments that once dominated our summer season are now being swept aside like capes. Northeast Fantasy didn’t even happen last yearpartially due to the incompetence of a portion of the New York City Parks Departmentdespite the best efforts of my favorite NERD, Kara Levis.

Elizabeth Barcelos is a goddamn warrior. She made the “unpopular” decision to hold West Fantasy in NorCal and has managed to keep everything functioning despite MLQ stealing her weekend, all this while also having to watch an ice dancer win the Stanley Cup just days after. And on top of all of that, she wrote a much better article on fantasy tournaments than I did.

Back to MLQ. I still love to hear New York try to argue. No matter how loud they pout, no matter how strong they may be, they still don’t have an answer for Boston.

Boston has nine answers for New York though.

I have to commend Ethan Sturm, not just for the efficiency but also for staying out of the league entirely. He could have very easily tried out for the Night Riders last year and gone home with a trophy. Instead, he chose just to be the man behind the curtain. He gets a microphone every so often and runs arguably the most successful quidditch coverage in the United States; it’s not the most annoying though, and everyone should be mad about it. He does this all while torturing poor, innocent people by pulling the teeth out of their head!

Dan Howland, I love you for carrying Boston’s winning torch to Salt Lake. Don’t let the West get too big of a head before this year’s championship weekend. After watching the Hive’s games against LA, I see no reason why it can’t contend for the title against the Night Riders.

Year one of MLQ was run so well that I have to believe Amanda Dallas and Sturm made a deal with the devil in order for everything to work out so smoothly. We had one of the greatest teams ever put together go on to an undefeated run to the title; it then went on to go 39-1 during the USQ season to win the national championship. Yes, a few pieces were changed around, and they finally got Jeff Sherman to retire, but the core was the same.

Look at these dorks

Look at these dorks. Photo credit: Carli Haggerty, also a dork

Harry Greenhouse, Max Havlin, Lulu Xu, Tyler Trudeau, Julia Baer, Jayke Archibald—show me a more impressive starting line, and I’ll get down on my knees and kiss your cleats. These players have gone 48-1 over the past two seasons, and once you count this year’s MLQ season, they’re up to 51-1. Texas still holds the title for best run, but with the way things are going right now that won’t last for much longer. It warms my heart to know that this past year’s Lost Boys squad helped create that -1, and there’s nothing Boston can do about it.

Soto anyone who thought I was disparaging MLQ, I apologize. Even as a spectator, I am fascinated by this league, and I care quite a bit about who wins it all. I never expected to root for quidditch teams as hard as I root for other sports, but it’s happened. Take my broom and take my snitch shorts, but I will still love watching this sport.

But really, subTweeting me with a full-blown article? That’s just discheerspectful.

R. Chalm

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