West Coast Bias Ep. 7: It’s Time To Talk About Utah

Welcome to season two of West Coast Bias! USQ is back, so that means it’s time for Ryan Smythe and Elizabeth Barcelos to talk about the chances of Team Portugal in World Cup 2020, what’s going on with Crimson Elite and Crimson Cup, our early thoughts about the changing community team rosters, how colleges will adjust to graduating students, and how the college/community split will continue to impact the sport.

Apologies for the distorted audio near the end. It starts to get really noticeable at about 30:44 after most of the quidditch talk is done, but if you can stick around through our growing pains testing out some new equipment you can hear us talk about how the San Jose Sharks have never disappointed fans in their entire 27-year history. Liz sounds fine. Her mic didn’t partially disconnect at the end. It’s just Ryan. He’s always a problem.

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