What’s Next? Ep. 1: Introduction

Jackie Ross is here with a brand new podcast, ‘What’s Next?’ to cover what is obvious to some but not to others.

For those of you who don’t know Jackie yet: she earned a BA in Psychology with a double minor in Spanish and Women’s and Gender Studies from UNC Greensboro before earning an MS in Experimental Psychology from Eastern Washington University. In her quidditch life, she was the president of the UNC Greensboro quidditch team, North and South Carolina USQ Representative, tournament director, Nationals staffer, and now plays beater for the Southern Storm.

Jackie Ross
Jackie Ross. Photo credit: Aly Pogue

The goal of this podcast is to get perspectives from people in the quidditch community from all across the country to talk about inequities and issues they have noticed and faced during their time in the sport. The idea is to go beyond simple anecdotes and blend in research – mostly social psychology
– to see how bigger societal themes are seen throughout the community. Hopefully, this will become a platform where people can provide ideas on where to go from here and improve on those challenges that too many people continue to face.

Stay tuned for a lot of great discussions with some fabulous people from across the quidditch world!

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