West Coast Bias Ep. 9: NorCal by Northwest with Drew Sutorius

Turns out, the new NorCal team is pretty okay at quidditch. Join Ryan, Liz, and Drew as we recap NorCal by Northwest on our latest pod.


Between Two Legs Ep. 2: Northwest Fantasy IV and Cascadia Quidditch

Marcus Toomey and Drew Sutorius introduce a brand new intro for their Northwest-centric podcast and discuss Northwest Fantasy IV (congratulations to the winners, Elizabeth Barcelos’ Indigo Montoyas) before bringing on Austin Sharp to talk about Cascadia Quidditch, one of the new teams to debut in the Northwest this season. If you have any questions you want…

Between Two Legs Ep. 1: VanFan, Northwest Fantasy, and the Seattle Brewers

Introducing Between Two Legs, a new podcast hosted by Drew Sutorius and Marcus Toomey where they will discuss teams in the Pacific Northwest and in Western Canada. These teams play in a unique cross-country league called QCON (Quidditch Conference of the Northwest). This podcast covers topics including USQ, Quidditch Canada, and QCON. Marcus and Drew will often…