FBI Roundtable: NorCal by Northwest

The Bay Area Breakers, California Dobbys, Silicon Valley Vipers, Cascadia Quidditch, Rain City Raptors, and Western Washington Wyverns are set to face off at NorCal by Northwest on Saturday, October 20. We have no idea who will win, but we do have some opinions on which team has the most hipster cred.

Lost Boys chaser Connie Henderson

USQ Cup 11 Wrap Up: Underrated Players

Before we turn our attention to the star players flying to Italy to compete in the World Cup, we feel the need to look at some of the constantly overlooked and more unheralded players that fill out rosters across the country.

FBI Pool Party XXL: Community Coverage

We’re back again with our second annual Pool Party, this time covering the Community side of Nationals. We’re sad to say that this is the extent of our pre-tournament coverage, but due to a number of reasons outside of our control, we ran out of time to finish up our initial plans and our College…