West Coast Bias Ep. 7: It’s Time To Talk About Utah

West Coast Bias Season Two kicks off with some early predictions about the West, the State of Utah quidditch, and some audio issues down the stretch because we tested out new equipment on the fly.


Barcelos Explains It All Ep. 1: Checklists, Delegation, and the Secrets to Tournament Success

Elizabeth Barcelos opens her brand new podcast series by explaining something she knows pretty damn well – running a tournament. She’s joined by Jackie Ross to break down the ins and outs of tournament directing.

FBI Pool Party XXL: Community Coverage

We’re back again with our second annual Pool Party, this time covering the Community side of Nationals. We’re sad to say that this is the extent of our pre-tournament coverage, but due to a number of reasons outside of our control, we ran out of time to finish up our initial plans and our College…